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FT18 Sensor

FT18 Detail FT18 data sheet


We are a US-based stocking distributor of the Italian AECO Sensor line. This line features high performance capacitive sensors as well as high temperature sensors.

Also included are inductive, Magnetic, Photoelectric and Fiber Optic sensors


Product Price
FT18-AAR image FT18-AAR $127.70
FT18-AAR LC10 image FT18-AAR LC10 $149.00
FT18-AAR LC3.5 image FT18-AAR LC3.5 $116.90
FT18-AAR LC5 image FT18-AAR LC5 $135.30
FT18-AAR LC7.5 image FT18-AAR LC7.5 $125.15
FT18-AAR-90 image FT18-AAR-90 $141.95
FT18-AAR-90 LC10 image FT18-AAR-90 LC10 $163.05
FT18-AAR-90 LC3.5 image FT18-AAR-90 LC3.5 $129.35
FT18-AAR-90 LC5 image FT18-AAR-90 LC5 $149.35
FT18-AAR-90 LC7.5 image FT18-AAR-90 LC7.5 $137.75
FT18-AAR-90-H image FT18-AAR-90-H $151.65
FT18-AAR-H image FT18-AAR-H $138.90
FT18-ABE image FT18-ABE $74.90
FT18-ABE LC10 image FT18-ABE LC10 $95.80
FT18-ABE LC3.5 image FT18-ABE LC3.5 $69.85
FT18-ABE LC5 image FT18-ABE LC5 $82.10
FT18-ABE LC7.5 image FT18-ABE LC7.5 $78.25
FT18-ABE-90 image FT18-ABE-90 $86.65
FT18-ABE-90 LC10 image FT18-ABE-90 LC10 $107.75
FT18-ABE-90 LC3.5 image FT18-ABE-90 LC3.5 $80.50
FT18-ABE-90 LC5 image FT18-ABE-90 LC5 $94.25
FT18-ABE-90 LC7.5 image FT18-ABE-90 LC7.5 $88.75
FT18-ABE-90-H image FT18-ABE-90-H $95.40
FT18-ABE-H image FT18-ABE-H $84.75
FT18-ABR image FT18-ABR $108.30
FT18-ABR LC10 image FT18-ABR LC10 $129.40
FT18-ABR LC3.5 image FT18-ABR LC3.5 $99.60
FT18-ABR LC5 image FT18-ABR LC5 $115.75
FT18-ABR LC7.5 image FT18-ABR LC7.5 $108.00
FT18-ABR-90 image FT18-ABR-90 $120.50
FT18-ABR-90 LC10 image FT18-ABR-90 LC10 $141.40
FT18-ABR-90 LC3.5 image FT18-ABR-90 LC3.5 $110.25
FT18-ABR-90 LC5 image FT18-ABR-90 LC5 $127.70
FT18-ABR-90 LC7.5 image FT18-ABR-90 LC7.5 $118.65
FT18-ABR-90-H image FT18-ABR-90-H $130.00
FT18-ABR-H image FT18-ABR-H $118.00
FT18-AP2 image FT18-AP2 $112.70
FT18-AP2 LC10 image FT18-AP2 LC10 $133.95
FT18-AP2 LC3.5 image FT18-AP2 LC3.5 $103.60
FT18-AP2 LC5 image FT18-AP2 LC5 $120.10
FT18-AP2 LC7.5 image FT18-AP2 LC7.5 $111.85
FT18-AP2-90 image FT18-AP2-90 $126.75
FT18-AP2-90 LC10 image FT18-AP2-90 LC10 $147.65
FT18-AP2-90 LC3.5 image FT18-AP2-90 LC3.5 $115.85
FT18-AP2-90 LC5 image FT18-AP2-90 LC5 $134.15
FT18-AP2-90 LC7.5 image FT18-AP2-90 LC7.5 $124.25
FT18-AP2-90-H image FT18-AP2-90-H $136.65
FT18-AP2-H image FT18-AP2-H $123.35
FT18-AP4 image FT18-AP4 $130.00
FT18-AP4 LC10 image FT18-AP4 LC10 $151.05
FT18-AP4 LC3.5 image FT18-AP4 LC3.5 $118.85
FT18-AP4 LC5 image FT18-AP4 LC5 $137.40
FT18-AP4 LC7.5 image FT18-AP4 LC7.5 $127.25
FT18-AP4-90 image FT18-AP4-90 $144.25
FT18-AP4-90 LC10 image FT18-AP4-90 LC10 $165.15
FT18-AP4-90 LC3.5 image FT18-AP4-90 LC3.5 $131.25
FT18-AP4-90 LC5 image FT18-AP4-90 LC5 $151.45
FT18-AP4-90 LC7.5 image FT18-AP4-90 LC7.5 $139.65
FT18-AP4-90-H image FT18-AP4-90-H $154.10
FT18-AP4-H image FT18-AP4-H $141.00
FT18-AR image FT18-AR $114.00
FT18-AR LC10 image FT18-AR LC10 $134.90
FT18-AR LC3.5 image FT18-AR LC3.5 $104.50
FT18-AR LC5 image FT18-AR LC5 $121.25
FT18-AR LC7.5 image FT18-AR LC7.5 $112.90
FT18-AR-90 image FT18-AR-90 $127.90
FT18-AR-90 LC10 image FT18-AR-90 LC10 $149.00
FT18-AR-90 LC3.5 image FT18-AR-90 LC3.5 $116.90
FT18-AR-90 LC5 image FT18-AR-90 LC5 $135.30
FT18-AR-90 LC7.5 image FT18-AR-90 LC7.5 $125.30
FT18-AR-90-H image FT18-AR-90-H $137.60
FT18-AR-H image FT18-AR-H $124.65
FT18-CP1 image FT18-CP1 $88.75
FT18-CP1 LC10 image FT18-CP1 LC10 $110.05
FT18-CP1 LC3.5 image FT18-CP1 LC3.5 $82.45
FT18-CP1 LC5 image FT18-CP1 LC5 $96.35
FT18-CP1 LC7.5 image FT18-CP1 LC7.5 $90.85
FT18-CP1-90 image FT18-CP1-90 $101.85
FT18-CP1-90 LC10 image FT18-CP1-90 LC10 $122.75
FT18-CP1-90 LC3.5 image FT18-CP1-90 LC3.5 $93.80
FT18-CP1-90 LC5 image FT18-CP1-90 LC5 $109.25
FT18-CP1-90 LC7.5 image FT18-CP1-90 LC7.5 $102.20
FT18-CP1-90-H image FT18-CP1-90-H $111.55
FT18-CP1-H image FT18-CP1-H $97.50

Working Principle:

Direct reflection (P type) Reflection with reflector (R type)
FT18 Working Principle 01 image FT18 Working Principle 02 image
Polarized reflection with reflector (AR type) Thru beam emitter + receiver (B type)
FT18 Working Principle 03 image FT18 Working Principle 04 image


FT18 Adjustment image


  1. TRIMMER FOR THE SENSING RANGE ADJUSTMENT: The photocell is supplied with max. sensing range with the trimmer totally rotated in the clockwise direction. The sensitivity reduces by rotating the trimmer in the anti-clockwise direction.
  2. SWITCH NO/NC: The photocell is supplied with switch in NO position (in absence of the object to be detected the output is disactivated). To change to N.C. (in absence of the object to be sensed the output is actived) turn the switch to N.C. in the anti-clockwise direction.
  3. LED FOR INDICATION OF OPERATION: This indicates the output of the photocell, in the absence of the object to be sensed it is off with output N.O. and is on with output N.C. this changes state when the object to be sensed enters into the sensing area of the photocell.

NOTE! Before giving a power supply to the photocell it is recommended that the same unit be programmed by using the switch in the required function NO or NC.

NOTE! It is recommended that the trimmer and the switch be rotated very carefully by using a proper tool otherwise these can be seriously damaged.


FT18 Adjustment 01 image
FT18 Adjustment 02 image


  • FT18-AP2-90-H
  • FT18-ABR-H
  • FT18-AR-H
  • FT18-AP4-H
  • FT18-AP2-H
  • FT18-ABE-90-H
  • FT18-ABR-90-H
  • FT18-AAR-H
  • FT18-ABE-H
  • FT18-AR-90-H
  • FT18-AAR-90-H
  • FT18-AP4-90-H
FT18 wiring diagram 01.jpg image


  • FT18-AAR-90
  • FT18-ABE
  • FT18-AR-90
  • FT18-AAR
  • FT18-AP2-90
  • FT18-AR
  • FT18-ABE-90
  • FT18-AP4-90
  • FT18-ABR
  • FT18-AP4
  • FT18-ABR-90
  • FT18-AP2
FT18 connector 1.jpg image