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We are a US-based stocking distributor of the Italian AECO Sensor line. This line features high performance capacitive sensors as well as high temperature sensors.

Also included are inductive, Magnetic, Photoelectric and Fiber Optic sensors


Product Price
FTQ-AR-R image FTQ-AR-R $145.75
FTQ-AR-R LC10 image FTQ-AR-R LC10 $166.65
FTQ-AR-R LC3.5 image FTQ-AR-R LC3.5 $132.65
FTQ-AR-R LC5 image FTQ-AR-R LC5 $152.95
FTQ-AR-R LC7.5 image FTQ-AR-R LC7.5 $141.05
FTQ-AR-R-H image FTQ-AR-R-H $154.50
FTQ-BE-R image FTQ-BE-R $105.45
FTQ-BE-R LC10 image FTQ-BE-R LC10 $126.35
FTQ-BE-R LC3.5 image FTQ-BE-R LC3.5 $96.95
FTQ-BE-R LC5 image FTQ-BE-R LC5 $112.70
FTQ-BE-R LC7.5 image FTQ-BE-R LC7.5 $105.35
FTQ-BE-R-H image FTQ-BE-R-H $114.20
FTQ-BR-R image FTQ-BR-R $131.50
FTQ-BR-R LC10 image FTQ-BR-R LC10 $152.40
FTQ-BR-R LC3.5 image FTQ-BR-R LC3.5 $120.05
FTQ-BR-R LC5 image FTQ-BR-R LC5 $138.90
FTQ-BR-R LC7.5 image FTQ-BR-R LC7.5 $128.45
FTQ-BR-R-H image FTQ-BR-R-H $140.25
FTQ-CAR image FTQ-CAR $137.95
FTQ-CAR H image FTQ-CAR H $146.70
FTQ-CAR LC10 image FTQ-CAR LC10 $159.25
FTQ-CAR LC3.5 image FTQ-CAR LC3.5 $126.00
FTQ-CAR LC5 image FTQ-CAR LC5 $145.55
FTQ-CAR LC7.5 image FTQ-CAR LC7.5 $134.40
FTQ-CBE image FTQ-CBE $95.95
FTQ-CBE H image FTQ-CBE H $104.70
FTQ-CBE LC10 image FTQ-CBE LC10 $117.05
FTQ-CBE LC3.5 image FTQ-CBE LC3.5 $88.55
FTQ-CBE LC5 image FTQ-CBE LC5 $103.20
FTQ-CBE LC7.5 image FTQ-CBE LC7.5 $96.95
FTQ-CBR image FTQ-CBR $125.60
FTQ-CBR H image FTQ-CBR H $134.15
FTQ-CBR LC10 image FTQ-CBR LC10 $146.50
FTQ-CBR LC3.5 image FTQ-CBR LC3.5 $114.80
FTQ-CBR LC5 image FTQ-CBR LC5 $132.85
FTQ-CBR LC7.5 image FTQ-CBR LC7.5 $123.20
FTQ-CP image FTQ-CP $125.60
FTQ-CP H image FTQ-CP H $134.15
FTQ-CP LC10 image FTQ-CP LC10 $146.50
FTQ-CP LC3.5 image FTQ-CP LC3.5 $114.80
FTQ-CP LC5 image FTQ-CP LC5 $132.85
FTQ-CP LC7.5 image FTQ-CP LC7.5 $123.20
FTQ-CR image FTQ-CR $125.60
FTQ-CR H image FTQ-CR H $134.15
FTQ-CR LC10 image FTQ-CR LC10 $146.50
FTQ-CR LC3.5 image FTQ-CR LC3.5 $114.80
FTQ-CR LC5 image FTQ-CR LC5 $132.85
FTQ-CR LC7.5 image FTQ-CR LC7.5 $123.20
FTQ-P-R image FTQ-P-R $133.00
FTQ-P-R LC10 image FTQ-P-R LC10 $154.10
FTQ-P-R LC3.5 image FTQ-P-R LC3.5 $121.45
FTQ-P-R LC5 image FTQ-P-R LC5 $140.45
FTQ-P-R LC7.5 image FTQ-P-R LC7.5 $129.85
FTQ-P-R-H image FTQ-P-R-H $141.75
FTQ-R-R image FTQ-R-R $133.00
FTQ-R-R LC10 image FTQ-R-R LC10 $154.10
FTQ-R-R LC3.5 image FTQ-R-R LC3.5 $121.45
FTQ-R-R LC5 image FTQ-R-R LC5 $140.45
FTQ-R-R LC7.5 image FTQ-R-R LC7.5 $129.85
FTQ-R-R-H image FTQ-R-R-H $141.75

Working Principle:

Direct reflection (P type) Reflection with reflector (R type)
FTQ working principl 01 image FTQ working principl 02 image
Polar. reflection with reflector (AR type) Thru beam emitter + receiver (B type)
FTQ working principl 03 image FTQ working principl 04 image


FTQ other 01 image FTQ other 02 image
  1. GREEN LED - STABILITY INDICATOR: This led is on when the level of the output signal and the alignment of the photoelectric sensors are in the optimum position. In the case that the led is off this indicates that the lens is obscured or for the types with direct reflection a possible alteration of the dimension or color of the object to be detected.
  2. YELLOW LED - OPERATION INDICATOR: This led is on when the object to be detected enters the sensing range of the photocell giving output signals.
  3. TRIMMER FOR THE SENSING RANGE ADJUSTMENT: The photocell is supplied with max. sensing range with the trimmer totally rotated in the clockwise direction. The sensitivity reduces by rotating the trimmer in the anti-clockwise direction.
    1. SWITCH NPN/PNP: The photocell is supplied with the switch in P (PNP output). To change to NPN turn the switch to N in the clockwise direction.
    2. SWITCH RELAY ON/OFF: The photocell is supplied with the switch in OFF (relay de-energized without object). To change to ON (relay energized without object) turn the switch to ON in the clockwise direction.

NOTE! Before giving a power supply to the photocell it is recommended that the same unit be programmed by using the switch in the required function NPN or PNP and NO or NC.


FTQ other 03 image


FTQ other 04 image


  • FTQ-BE-R
  • FTQ-CP
  • FTQ-CR
  • FTQ-AR-R
  • FTQ-P-R
  • FTQ-R-R
  • FTQ-BR-R
FTQ wiring.jpg image


  • FTQ-CP H
  • FTQ-P-R-H
  • FTQ-R-R-H
  • FTQ-CR H
  • FTQ-AR-R-H
  • FTQ-BE-R-H
  • FTQ-BR-R-H
FTQ connector.jpg image